CrossFit Defiance

Parent Letter

Dear Parent or Guardian, 

CrossFit Defiance Youth Programs

Thank you for entrusting us with the health and well being of your child.
At CrossFit Defiance, we are committed not only to providing the highest quality fitness training for all ages, but doing so in a safe environment that encourages appropriate physical, cognitive, and emotional development. Training Staff for our Youth Programs are all, at a minimum, CrossFit Level 1 and CrossFit Kids Certificate holders and undergo background checks annually.  But above all, they all have a passion for improving the lives of kids through fitness. You are always welcome to speak with your child’s trainer at the beginning or end of class regarding any questions or concerns you have. We can also be reached via email or phone. All contact information, as well as scheduling, announcements, and workout blogs are listed on our website Please see the important program information below. 

Class Schedules

 CrossFit Kids (Age 5-12)
CrossFit Pre-Teens (Ages 10-14) CrossFit Teens Class (Ages 14-18) 

Days and Times
4:30pm–5:30pm (Tuesday-Thursday)

*Please note: We sometimes alter days and times during school holidays and Bank Holidays, these announcements will be made on the website and our social media platforms. Plenty of notice will be given for any changes.

Payment Information

All Youth Programs are billed on a month-to-month basis. Our Kids, Pre-teens, and Teens classes are £40/mo. While there are no contract requirements for kids, we do appreciate your use of the auto-debit payment option to eliminate the time and hassle of collecting payments during class time and allowing us to focus on training your child. Auto-debits can be billed simultaneously for multiple family members and can be discontinued or placed on hold for up to 2 months at a time. All cancellations or hold requests need to be made via email prior to the billing date, which are set for the 5th of the month. Requests made after the payment date will be issued as account credit. If you choose not to utilize our auto-debit function, we ask that you kindly notify us prior to any month that your child wishes to suspend their membership. Any attendance in a given month will be interpreted as a desire to register for that month and will be billed accordingly. Refunds will not be issued based on lack of attendance. Please feel free to contact us if you have a special circumstance that bears consideration. 

At CrossFit Defiance, we utilize a payment system called Team Up to maintain membership information and process payments for all of our clients. You created an account with Team Up when you signed a waiver for your child to participate in his or her first class. It is possible to create a parent account to manage the accounts of multiple family members with a central payment source if that is your situation. Or, you can manage a single account for your child. Either way, we ask that you endeavor to keep current email and phone contact information on file so we can contact you when necessary. Our system allows you to access your account at any time via your profile after you log in, to update contact or payment information. If you have any trouble navigating the Team Up site, please do not hesitate to ask for assistance. 

General Policies

We ask that you endeavor to bring your child to class on time and arrive no later than 10 minutes after the end of class to pick them up. If your child is in the Kids, or Pre-teens class, we ask that you physically come inside the gym and make sure a trainer is aware that you are leaving with your child. This is a safety precaution we have in place to be aware of who kids are leaving the gym with and when. It is our way of being sure we have done everything in our power to keep your child safe while he or she is in our care. If you need to arrange for an alternate to pick your child up, please notify a trainer or give us a call if necessary. Teens who transport themselves to class are exempt from this policy. Designated waiting areas for pick up are the seating area in front of the gym. 

We welcome parents to stay and watch your child’s class as much as you like. Encouraging your child during their workout is appreciated. However, if you have any concerns about your child’s performance, behavior, or the content of the class, we politely ask you to address them before or after class. Our trainers are more than happy to answer questions about our programming and philosophy of training but we want to make sure kids are able to keep their focus on coaching and safety during their workout. 

We ask that all participants in our Youth Programs come appropriately dressed for exercise. 

This includes soft-soled shoes that can be secured via laces or straps and shorts or pants that allow for free movement. Shorts should be long enough to be even with the palms with arms hanging at sides. Skirts and dresses are not optimal but will be allowed if shorts are worn underneath. Shirts with sleeves should be worn at all times by both male and female participants in all Youth Programs. 

Our #1 goal is to help your child improve their overall fitness in a way that is both safe, motivating, and fun. Our trainers have extensive knowledge in appropriate movements and progressions for kids in various stages of development, as well as an appreciation for how much variance there can be from one child to another. While we will endeavor to encourage your child to challenge themselves in our classes, we will not permit kids of any age to perform a skill, volume of work, or use a weight that we deem to be unsafe for their abilities on that day. Giving them too much of a challenge too quickly can be discouraging at best and dangerous in excess. We want to help your child learn to love exercise (as we do!) and that starts with making sure that they have fun while they are here. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions you have about the above information or any other concerns you might have along the way. We look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your child. 


The CrossFit Defiance Team / 07880 380 106