CrossFit Defiance



Defiance Gymnastics- Sunday's 10am.

“Gymnastics has no peer among training modalities for developing the four neurological components of the ten skills—coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.” ~ Greg Glassman


Gymnastics improves our ability to control our bodies through space which has transference to every single movement we do – both inside and outside the gym. Every Sunday at 10am Coach Matt will focus on movements seen in CrossFit, such as handstands and muscle-ups, as well as movements that support the development of stronger movement patterns and gymnastics accomplishments, such as the lever and planche.

The 30 minute class will be strenuous, but in a different way than that of a typical WOD, you won’t experience that gasping for air feeling, as in Fran. However you may get the feeling of muscle soreness and the neurological adaptations doing a range of strict and other gymnastics movements.

Open to everyone.

Ashleigh TownsendComment