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Team Series is Coming to Defiance!


The CrossFit Team Series is coming to Defiance!

What is the Team Series?

The Team Series is a series of partner workouts that occur over two weeks.

Find a partner, coordinate when you can both attend class, and get ready for a fun and lowkey two weeks of team workouts!
CrossFit Team Series will be in group classes September 19th – October 1st.

Watch this short video to learn all about it:

How Will It Work?

We’ll program the team series workouts as the workout of the day in group classes on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday of each week. You pick your partner and coordinate which class time you will do the workout on each of those days.

Why Would I Want to Do It?

It’s fun and the extra accountability of having a partner is a fantastic way to up the intensity and push each other along the way. 

What are the Workouts?

The workouts are released each Wednesday US, (Thursday morning UK). There is an Rx and Scaled division for all workouts and you can float back and forth between doing one workout Rx and the next one scaled. Just like in the Open. 

How Do I Sign-up?

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