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How's that 2 Minute L-Sit?


Many of us would likely skip skill days in the gym, believing that they simply do not get you any fitter, or that they are just too hard. This couldn't be further from the truth. Improving skills both movement based and isometric movements such as the L-Sit can greatly benefit overall fitness and vastly improve midline stabilisation and that is why L-sit is seen as one of the best abdominal exercises. 

The L-sit is performed by supporting the body entirely by the arms and holding the legs straight out in front. The body forms an “L,” thus the name L-sit.

What is Isometric?

Meaning it involves no joint movement.

Being isometric, we quantify its performance not in reps but by time. 2 minutes being the Gold standard, in today's workout (10-8-18) we are requiring 10 sets of 30 seconds. This can be done as 30 seconds straight or you could break that time up and measure your progress in the L-sit in 15-second increments. Give yourself one point for every 15 seconds you can hold the “L.” Over time you can try achieve 12 points. 

So just another part of our wonderful GPP Program to try and master. How are you going to try and improve you L-sit and overall midline stabilisation. 


Ashleigh TownsendComment