CrossFit Defiance



Boring, But Important: Update On Late Cancel Policy


Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to provide a quick reminder of the changes and update to the late cancel policy that are effective starting July 1.

First, it is worth noting the reason for the policy at all! At CrossFit Defiance we pride ourselves on keeping our class size small. This requires:

  • Class reservations;
  • Routine monitoring of class demand; and
  • Giving the coaches an idea on numbers in each class.

Unfortunately, last minute cancels threaten the health of the system from pushing out people who wanted (and could) attend to staffing unnecessary classes. Just like any appointment you have with other businesses, the class reservation is vital to us and to your fellow athletes!

We recently made the policy to be more flexible to you by reducing the late cancel window to 2 hours (from 12 hours). With this change, you will be subject to the £10 fee for every late cancel/no show.  A “no show” is equivalent to a late cancel.

You should have been asked to sign the "CLASS SIGN UP POLICIES" on Team Up over the last day  or so upon log-in and registration for class. A copy is also always kept on our website under TERM & CONDITIONS. 

Some of you may have received some Late Cancel or No Show automated emails from Team Up. This helps keep you and our coaches on the same page regarding attendance. If you receive one in error, please just let us know by replying as soon as possible to the thread. 

Please make it a habit to “check in” upon arrival at the gym; that has been most of the errors so far. Alert a coach if there are any iPad system issues!

We appreciate your support with this change; it allows us to effectively manage a growing gym committed to running small classes. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions to