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Coach Matt Level 2 Adventures!


Over the weekend Coach Matt attended his CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Course. (CF-L2) Taking the opportunity to visit Oslo Norway in the process. A beautiful city and fantastic box (CrossFit Oslo-Wolfpack)

Chasing virtuosity doesn’t only apply in movement for athletes, it applies to coaching as well. “Doing the common uncommonly well.” CrossFit trainers pursue this excellence in every aspect of their craft so they can effectively and safely serve those who have entrusted their health to them. A trainer’s work is never finished and they continue to develop capacity in each area across his or her entire career. - Adapted from the CrossFit Level 2 Training Guide

Matt is always striving to learn and improve as a coach and Trainer and will have developed and improved his skills over the weekend in six coaching areas including:

  • Teaching
  • Seeing
  • Correcting
  • Group management
  • Presence and attitude
  • Demonstration

At CrossFit Defiance we are constantly raising the bar with our incredible community and making sure we serve that community with the best and highest standards of coaching. All of our full time staff now hold their CF-L2 along with many specialty courses, including Gymnastics, Endurance and Kids. Truly in the pursuit of excellence, Defiance continues to give members the best hour of their day.