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BTWB Tips! How to Record Effective Notes Alongside Your Workout


Want to get the most out of your workouts?

See below for some tips on how to record effective notes alongside your workout scores and times on Beyond The Whiteboard!

1. How did I perform the workout? – be specific.
Record anything that would allow you to recreate the workout precisely as you did it that day. Examples include weights used, number of bands for pull-ups/dips, the specific range of motion on the GHD sit-up, and the run distance completed if it varies.

2. How should I approach the workout next time?
How should you tackle this workout next time, what would you do differently, what would you keep the same?

3. How did I feel?
Record how you felt before, during, or after the workout if it was out of the norm. Did you just get out of the car from being stuck on the M62, did you eat a big lunch and get a cramp during the run, are you 4 months pregnant?

4. What equipment did I use? What was the environment?

Did you workout with knee sleeves, a belt, Oly shoes, or use a different jump rope? Was it abnormally hot or (more likely) cold. Record this information too.

Depending on the workout, it might not be warranted to make a note for every question. Keep these four questions in your head and record notes alongside your workout to get the most out of your longterm development as an athlete and CrossFitter.