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What Did You Have For Breakfast?


How we start our day has a tremendous impact on how we act and react to situations in the rest of our day. Start the day off well and your chances of success are greatly improved. The food we eat doesn't just impact the waist line or weight, it affects mood, sleep and how we feel. Don’t start your day with a food hangover.

Dedication to food must be a priority if you truly wish to feel better, perform better, get stronger, and/or change your body composition. It starts with breakfast.

What to eat for breakfast?

There are many options but in the end, we find consistency works best, find something or somethings you like and stick with them. Bet you’re thinking, “eggs and spinach EVERY DAY!?!? Thats boring!”

But think back to conventional wisdom and your cereal consuming days – most people picked a favourite and just had that everyday.  Guess what? You can do the exact same with higher quality ingredients, including plenty of veggies.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Hardboiled eggs, chopped up veggies of your choice and a small handful of nuts (This is a great example on how to pack the night before, and works well for on-the-go eating).
  • Veggie omelet with sausage (Simple and easy but does require a bit more time in the kitchen)
  • Meat and veggies leftover from dinner from the night before (yes, you can eat dinner for breakfast!)
  • Scrambled eggs, Kale, a small piece of fruit and a bit of avocado (Can't go wrong with this)

The most important thing is to remember to find things that work for you and that you are going to stick with. If you don't like something find an alternative. 

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