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The Importance of Rest


We all seem to have our training days and Nutrition dialled in but the one key area we neglect or forget about is REST. This is a major factor and can be the missing part of the puzzle. Allowing our bodies to recover properly is a major player in how we make progress for a lifetime of fitness and health and its not just about sleep.

Sleep and Recovery

We all know and read about the importance sleep plays in our daily lives. So why do so many of us neglect it and not get enough of it?

When we sleep the body is able to recover and repair itself but only if we allow it to do so through good and restful sleep. As we all train hard and lead very busy lives there is little time to slow down, but in doing this we are putting our bodies under immense stress in the muscular, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal and endocrine systems. These systems must have time to be repaired or the body will not respond as it should.. This is where good Nutrition plays a key role. But at what point do we need to rest?

The prescription of “three days on, one day off” comes from the ideal setup for athletes to physically and psychologically recover. The goal in CrossFit is always to preserve intensity. That is where results come from – CrossFit

Our bodies are very clever complex machines that will let you know when something isn't right. It is important to listen to these messages and rest when needed or simply take things a little slower. We don't need to put ourselves in a position where we are operating poor technique or not at full strength as the risk of injury increases. The other effects of lack of sleep and rest can be on the confidence side, tiredness can make you lethargic and show in performance in the gym which in turn can have damaging effects on confidence.

Now we are aware how much you all love being in the gym and we love you all being here and creating the awesome community but sometimes we just have a listen to our bodies and rest and do something outside the gym, maybe a relaxing walk with family and friends just get a bit extra sleep.  





Ashleigh Townsend