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Workout Tracking


At CrossFit Defiance, we emphasise a supportive community, measuring progress, and celebrating success all of which starts with a supportive coach to athlete relationship. We believe our commitment to these values has helped us create a world-class environment for our athletes.

To support these values, we believe in using the Beyond The Whiteboard workout app. It’s a fun, social way to track your WODs and from day one you get to enjoy the unique community Defiance offers. 

Other benefits of BTWB include coaches notes where our coaches can write specifics for each individual workout, its intent, stimulus and reasons behind our General Physical Preparedness (GPP) Program. 

Programming on your calendar is loaded everyday at 5am for you to view the daily workout on both your app and the website. 

|"Since 2007 we have built technology for a community we respect, admire and love"–BTWB

Using the app or the site is easy and a great way to keep track of your personal fitness journey and see strengths and possible areas for improvements. Our programming at Defiance aims to cover all areas of fitness and keep everyone challenged daily. We repeat Benchmark Workouts, certain heavy days and some other workouts so tracking and logging all your weights and results allows you to see and know that progress is happening as well as feeling better, looking great and been an all round fitter person.

Some of the best athletes in the CrossFit Community have used BTWB from day one and have seen tremendous progress and improvements in there training and knowledge of certain movements. So we encourage you all to use the resource to your advantage and keep track of your exciting fitness journey.

Any questions about workout tracking please comment below. 


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