Go Primal Now Available!


This just dropped from goprimal.eu is now available at the box. Warning: be prepared for a deep sleep!
O3: £25
Mg: £18
D3: £12

Ask Ash for more info, a total daily cost of £1.20 for some serious nutrients. 

The Importance of Vitamin D 

Vitamin D3 provides a large number of benefits for the human body

  1. Boosting your immune system
  2. Prevents osteoporosis
  3. Maintains a normal bone/tooth health
  4. Lower risk of fractures after a fall
  5. Might help against depression
  6. Indispensable during pregnancy for embryonic development
  7. Recent studies have shown that a Vitamin D deficiency may encourage diseases like cancer, Diabetes Typ2, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorder or multiple sclerosis


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