Good Training Habits. Here's 3!


While it’s our responsibility as coaches to teach you movement, program intelligently, and keep you safe, it’s your responsibility as athletes to develop good training habits and create your own consistency. Here are three great habits that will significantly enrich your training experience.


Everyone needs to do a little personalized maintenance on their bodies. 10 minutes a day of DIY movement prep before or after class can go a long way in keeping you fit and pain free. I choose to use MobilityWOD Perform and Recover.

We all know where our tightest areas are (often hips, shoulder and/or ankles). These are the ones that make it difficult to squat below parallel or press a barbell overhead. Spend a few minutes mobilizing and doing some soft tissue work (foam roller/Lacrosse ball, etc.) on your “problem areas.” If you don’t know where to begin, ask a coach what you should be prioritizing and we’ll help you out. All of these can be done either in the gym or in the comfort of your own home. 


We choose to use Beyond The Whiteboard as is offers a great resource to see where you have come from and where you are going. It allows coaches to write specific notes for each workout and in turn helps us make informed decisions about how to assist you in choosing weights and scaling movements.


We take our training seriously at CrossFit Defiance and with that comes a good deal of responsibility. Our goal is to develop broad and inclusive fitness for all. If we don’t treat these movements and workouts with respect, training plateaus and injuries are sure to follow.

The best way to ensure your success and training longevity with us is by starting slowly and developing a rock-solid technical base. The movements are potent enough that just consistently performing them well will create a favorable adaptation. After you feel really comfortable with most of our exercises and have a working knowledge of your weights, only then should you start ramping up the intensity.

Training with a lifelong perspective is incredibly important. Remember that you’re here to make yourself better, not break yourself down.

Scaling workouts isn't something to be ashamed of, doing so properly will benefit you in the long term. Listening to your body and checking your ego at the door will allow you to workout successfully for years to come. Most importantly, have fun with this stuff and enjoy the process.

Ashleigh Townsend

Crossfit Defiance , Unit 8, Branxholme Industrial Estate , Brighouse , United Kingdom

Crossfit Defiance owner. Coach and athlete.